I recently facilitated an exploration of potential values for an organization rebuilding after extensive changes. The staff collaborated not only on defining the most important values but on how they would be demonstrated at work. This effort had a team-building impact. The group had specific ideas, interesting insights, and expanded each other’s concepts. They found it hard work, but revealing and fun. Most importantly, it helped define the norms for behavior, for success, for work as they move forward under difficult circumstances.

Why might this matter to you?

Because the values you actually have in an organization are critical to its success.  Too often they are undermined by actual practices, spoken about but not lived, and create failure.

What values do you espouse? Are they right for your organization NOW? Do you use these values to guide action? To manage? To measure performance?

The winter season is often a time of thinking and reflection along with budgeting and performance reviews. Might it be time for you to review your organization’s values so that they enhance your future?