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When You Need

  • A ‘People Problem’ Solved Now
  • Basic Practices to meet your Goals Effectively
  • Aid translating Your Strategy to Real World actions
  • Support to move from Survival to Growth
  • Insight into turning ‘Culture’ into Reality
  • To Create Organizational Resilience
  • Systems to ensure you Grow and Thrive
  • Talent for Current and Future Needs
  • Mentoring or Executive & Management Development

We Offer

Most SHR clients want to attract, develop, manage, and retain high quality employees while reducing risk to the organization. Additionally, we have

  • helped clients achieve desired culture and strategic goals through effective human resource management practices
  • offered insight into critical people and strategy/risk decisions
  • supported clients moving into new technologies or services
  • assisted associations facing significant change management issues,
  • advised boards interested in becoming more effective and strategic, and
  • mentored executives for personal and professional development.



  • July 24th, 2014

Now is the time many organizations start thinking about the next year’s pay raises. Before you start the hunt for ‘market rates’, projected pay raise averages, budget or other data – think a bit about what you are paying for.

Very few founders, CEOs, or senior executives have thought about their philosophy of compensation directly. Fewer still have tied it to their desired culture.

And so, over the decades, I have talked about these issues with many senior folks. Often I also use a short quiz and set up the scenario:
You […]

Are You a Victim or Moving Forward?

  • July 16th, 2014

My own work history is replete with examples of times that being a woman was a negative and made my life more difficult but I moved on. Small business owners often complain that the business world and government rules are stacked against them yet many succeed. Military in transition regularly fear that employers discriminate against them yet many become quite successful in the civilian world.

Each of us chooses whether to use these perceived and real problems as stopping us, hindering us, or just life. In 2007 Robert L. Johnson, […]


  • July 11th, 2014

Whether your business is old or new, clarity about your vision and goals is critical. Make a bit of time to think about these soon! Don’t just go back to some old statements but look to the future. Your goals, your organization, your industry, and external factors change. What do you want to keep and what will you update?

The three week plan
Think about each question over a full week. Make notes. Then spend an hour alone defining your answers as clearly and concisely as possible. In a partnership? Do […]

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