“It is such a relief to have Patra Frame of Strategies for Human Resources as one of Focus Data Solutions’ trusted consultants. Patra’s real world HR experience and down to earth advice is invaluable. She has helped us to implement professional employment practices, to develop our workforce, and to forge our corporate culture. With Patra’s advice, our business continues to grow and be a great”

– Elizabeth Chisman Moon
President/CEO, Focus Data Solutions, Inc.


“Alexandria Small Business Development Center staff has referred several business owners seeking guidance with human resources issues to Patricia Frame of Strategies for Human Resources. In every instance they have contact us to express appreciation for that referral and describe how helpful she had been. Patricia (Patra) has a no-nonsense way of quickly getting to the point and recommending the most effective and efficient solutions.”

– Bill Reagan
Executive Director, Alexandria Small Business Development Center


“I have led five different nonprofit trade organizations in the CEO role over the last seventeen years. During that period I have reach out to Patra for guidance on a number of different issues. She has proved invaluable as a consultant on a wide range of Human Resource issues. I have also worked with her on strategic decisions within my various organizations to help define management structure and overall goals for the organization and the employees. She has served as an executive coach and mentor on my own career strategy. Her carefully formulated advice on the associations’ growth, career goals, contract structure, and achieving an appropriate work life balance has been critical to achieving organizational success.”

– Ken Garrison
Executive Director, HCCA


“As the owner of a rapidly growing government contracting firm, I faced the daunting challenge of identifying, hiring and keeping the best talent.  Patra took the time to understand what type of company I wanted to build.  She kept us on track with wonderful interview questions and a sound approach to hiring.  Patra also helped us write an effective and comprehensive employee guide and develop a performance review approach that both empower our employees to be an integral part of our business’ success. I feel comfortable going to Patra with my challenges no mater how big or small as I know I will get insightful and well grounded advice.”

– Amanda C. Sozer, Ph.D.
President, SNA International


“Our organization worked with Patra through a difficult staff restructuring.  Not only was she knowledgeable and adept at employment practices and legal issues, she demonstrated a rare combination of patience, professionalism and compassion in all our interactions.  We have continued to work with her and she always goes above and beyond to be of assistance.”

– Eric Wallner
CEO, Torpedo Factory Art Center


“Patra is one of a select group of people who understand the critical relationship between the human resources function and business strategy. She has worked with us on several different occasions over the past decade in stepping up to new business growth challenges. We keep bringing her back because she understands our business, looks for ways to help us achieve our goals effectively, is ethical, and works well with our diverse staff.”

– Verle Hammond, CEO


“As new COO of a rapidly-growing 3-year-old company, I initially retained Patra to provide interim HR coverage and assist us in hiring an HR Director. Patra assessed our business needs and HRM risks, helped us create goals and address the needs to provide structure and consistency in the company’s HR procedures. Patra led efforts to create a job-position hierarchy, an associated merit pay structure, an Employee Guide, and the company’s first formal management training. Her quick grasp of the company’s needs, her ability to work supportively with the new HR Director and me, and her ongoing wise counsel were vital contributors to the company’s continued successful growth.”

– Jon R. Asher
CEO Consultant


“I hired Patra to upgrade my human resources practices as GMSI really began to grow and she did that very successfully. But I also got a lot more — she helped my executive team develop our ability to deal with critical issues, she trained our managers to hire and manage people much more effectively, and she helped me ‘let go’ of many smaller decisions so I could really be a CEO.”

– Hilton Augustine


“As a frequent conference organizer/ program chair, I have repeatedly hired Patra. Audiences respond to Patra’s content richness, professionalism, and her engaging style of presentation with appreciation and attention. She has received excellent reviews from participants at annual meetings, management roundtables, and seminars.”

– Barbara Meyers
President, Meyers Consulting Services, Inc.


  • “Excellent information to take back to management.”
  • “An interesting, informative, and fast-moving session!”
  • “Outstanding content and delivery. Gave me good insight to share with management.”
  • “Excellent presentation – great topic.”
  • “Excellent insights and specifics on the cost of turnover.”

– Participant feedback from Patra’s Seminar on Getting Managers to own Retention.