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I hate them. You hate them. Your managers hate them. And most research says they are not at all effective in helping to manage or improve performance. So this past 18 months has been the era of “dump performance reviews” in a lot of business and trade press.

Far too few organizations have the basics of good performance management in place. And so the annual performance review stands alone. It becomes a feared event, dreaded for the time and energy it takes.

If you actually want to manage and improve employee performance, you can. I had the chance to interview Sharon Armstrong about her newest book — here is her advice.

Whenever I do training for managers or employees on performance management, I hear the same complaints. Too many managers hate the process and think it an HR time-wasting demand. Too many employees see it as an indication of how little their boss knows or cares about their work.

Perhaps it is time to take a look at what you are currently doing? And how well it really works?

Job Search Tips

If you are helping family, friends, or ex-employees with their job search, here are some helpful links. has a series of videos on YouTube. Sure, I “star” in several but there are also great tips from recruiters and hiring managers from large and small companies. Here is one on using your SUCCESSES

I also have found Job-Hunt full of useful ideas and links. Job Hunt

Creating Your Own Business

I had a great time speaking at the Women Grow Business Boot Camp along with Melanie Spring of Sisarina. If you would like some ideas on building blocks and common mistakes, you can read more at Building Blocks for Success

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