Since 1993, we have helped organizations achieve their strategy and goals through effective human resource management practices. Strategies for Human Resources was founded by Patricia Frame to provide human resources consulting services and management support to small and mid-size organizations. Our clients generally range from 2 – 250 staff.

We start with a FREE meeting to discuss your needs, our capabilities, and to provide useful information immediately. One call is all it takes to get your needs met. Call or email us now!

We provide:

  •  Start-up services to establish your policies and practices.
  • Human Capital and organization management audits to ensure your practices do effectively support your goals.
  • Project services to upgrade your organization – such as performance management design, talent management enhancements, or management development.
  • Change management assistance for organizations facing technology, funding, or other significant challenges.
  • Support for boards in becoming more effective and strategic.
  • Interim management

We strive to understand fully your organization’s values, sector, goals, and needs.   We provide solutions that support your objectives.

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About Our Illustrations

Employee recognition programs are first documented when the Roman military began awarding medals, worn on one’s shield.  Today most organizations have some form of recognition designed to reward employees for individual achievement or contribution to the organization.  These rewards and recognition programs also serve to encourage others to achieve high performance.  Thanks to Floyd Medals for providing these orders and medals of various nations.