Oh What a Time (1)

Change may be the only constant in the past three years. Most of us have found it difficult to live in a period of continuing noticeable change.  We say we like change – but mostly we like change we can control.  Research shows many people are suffering from mental health issues, driven in many cases by the lack of control individuals felt over their lives. Business owners are at very high risk of burnout. Employees are rethinking their work and career choices. Besides reminding my readers to care a bit extra for themselves now, here is some info to help.

An American Psychological Association 2022 study indicates that workers want more mental health support at work. Workers define this in many ways: respect for time off, flexible hours, remote and hybrid work options, four-day work week, and more support from their managers for their needs.

Many organizations in the Metro DC area (and across the country) are looking at wellness programs. These include a pretty wide range of things:

If you offer health insurance, be sure employees know the mental health coverage which is included.
Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) can be purchased separately – they offer assistance, counseling information, and support via telehealth or telephone.
Organizations are now offering complete closures for a full week – usually between Christmas and New Years as paid leave.
Some add 1-3 ‘mental health days’  to paid time off programs or are trying 4.5 day workweeks all year long instead of summers only.
Some provide information for validated on-line training programs related to mental health.

You may also want to make your employees aware of the mental health services available:

National Suicide Hotline number is 988
Domestic Violence hotline 800.799.7233
local […]

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News To Use Now

New I-9 Forms Released 

Effective September 18th, 2017, there is a new I-9 form you must use when you hire employees. You can use it before that and must use it by then. This form has some changes to the acceptable documents list – details at


The new form in both computer and printed formats is available at


New hires may be given the form to complete with the offer letter or any time after that in advance of hire or on the first day. Employees must complete the form no later than their first day of employment. Employers have up to 3 days to complete their portion.
Remember to keep your I-9s separate from other records so that, if your organization is checked by immigration agents, you can provide just the forms and not other sensitive employment documents or records.

Founders School

The Kauffman Foundation does a lot of research on entreprenuers and business formation in the US. Recently they have added a series of books to help you grow and develop your own knowledge as well as managing business growth. Check these out at


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