Thinking about hiring new employees or interns? Smart hires require some planning. Too often small businesses are rushed and desperate when hiring and then have performance or retention problems.

Here is a basic checklist outline to help you develop your own process and checklist for more effective hiring.

  • * Why do we need this position?
  • * What specific skills, training, and abilities do we need at a minimum?
  • * What additional attributes would we like to have?
  • * What sources exist to find someone to fill this position?
  • * What is our hiring plan for this position?   (Include any paperwork)
  • * Who will take the lead and who else will be involved in this hiring?   (Have all been trained in hiring? Know the specifications?)
  • * Resume/application review process defined?   (Are you covered by retention requirements for legal or EEO needs?)
  • * Telephone screening screening interviews of all potentials.
  • * Pre-employment testing, if required.
  • * Interview selected applicants.   (Who will schedule, interview, decide?)
  • * Analyze applicants for skills/ability, attitude/motivation, organizational fit.   (Standards & form to document?)
  • * Select best match.
  • * Check references.   (background checks if required)
  • * Make offer by phone, follow up in writing.   (medical/drug tests if required)
  • * After offer is accepted, notify those not selected.
  • * Prepare for new hire (space, equipment, materials, work plan)
  • * Orient new hire to organization and function, discuss first week’s work plan and why selected.

Happy to work with you to help you achieve your hiring goals and train those involved, just call!